1. While placing your order, please indicate your preferred date of Delivery.
  2. Please give us two clear working days for Pune Orders and 5 days for orders accross India, from date of receipt of order by us and the date of delivery indicated by you.
  3. Our staff is grateful to you for granting them an opportunity to rest on Sundays and state public holidays. Thus, while indicating your preferred date of delivery, please check that your preferred date of delivery is not a Sunday or a State Public holiday. In case if it is so, we shall deliver your order, either a day in advance or a day later.
  4. The gifts shall be delivered during the working hours, from 9.30 am. to 6.30 pm. We will try our best to deliver the gifts at the exact time indicated by you but we request your cooperation to kindly accommodate reasonable time delays due to sporadic and festive demands.
  5. While we take care to ensure that the product displayed on the shop and the one delivered to your recipient is exactly the same, due to stock, seasonal and other factors, it is very remotely possible that the a slight variation may be observed between the displayed and delivered product. We assure you that the variation will not be a compromise on the quality, quantity or the value of the product in any respect.