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Over the past few years, the popularity of spiritual healing has increased considerably, as more and more people have turned to their inner resources to deal with the chaos of a world dominated by mass culture and sterile technology. Pune recently played host to Master Rajendra Kumar Ratra, who was in town to conduct a series of workshops to spread his guru's creed of spiritual healing.

Lamenting the irony that India is turning to the west for spirituality when all the healing methods that are becoming popular these days, including Reiki, are but offshoots of one Indian Siddha healing method, Ratra has decided that the time has come to reveal the sacred healing methods of his guru, the now ascended Avdhoot Baba Nityananda, to his countrymen.

Spiritual healing taps 32 types of life force energies, unlike Reiki, which taps only one. Ratra avers that spiritual healing can also replace dead cells and organs of the body. He promises results within 2-7 days, and claims that even advanced diseases like cancer can be completely cured within a month. His methodology comprises eight techniques, including crystal healing. The bearded healer also uses transcendent meditation, Shakti Path, pillar of light, Brahmanaad healing and sound therapy. However, Ratra's secret is simple-he supplies a pithy definition of spiritual healing, describing it as 'only a positive energy', and takes pains to emphasise that there is no tantra mantra or exorcism involved in his faith.

According to Ratra, spiritual healing leads to distinct changes in behaviour, outlook, personality, and also cultivates positive thinking, self-confidence and self-reliance. He often holds mass healing sessions for which he charges nothing-all he expects is a genuine interest in spiritual upliftment, healing and serving humanity. Any takers?

For more information, contact:
Rajendra Kumar Ratra
World Spiritual Healing Foundation,
C8/8187 Vasant Kunj,
New Delhi 110070
Phone: (011) 6891645

Ananya Lodaya

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