'Pune-Queen of Deccan'

In the first positive attempt towards understanding Pune City's intricate urban pattern, 'Pune Queen of the Deccan', a book authored by Jayamala Didee, a specialist in urban studies and Samita Gupta, a specialist in architecture, art and urban history, will be released on March 29. 'Pune-Queen of Deccan' also has a collection of photographs by Sandesh Bhandare, which will prove to be visual treat. The book will be released at the hands of Sharad Pawar, member of parliament, at the University of Pune. Dr Arun Nigavekar vice-chancellor of the University of Pune will preside over the function. Prominent speakers, who will comment on the book include Dr Mohan Agashe, Director of FTII and well-known theatre personality, Christopher Benninger, founder director of Centre for Development Studies and Activities and Professor Dikshit, renowned scholar of Physical and Urban Geography.

Kanchan Apte

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