A glimpse of Pune's Ganesh Utsav
Ganesha in the making

Ganesha Utsav is the most important socio-cultural event of Pune. This year the festival will be celebrated form August 22 to September 1, 2001. The preparations for the festival start as early as in the month of June. The Ganesh Mandals decide on the theme for the year and place order for the Ganesha idol and other images for decorations.


Custom made Ganesha idols are available from sculptors in Pune. A large number of small and medium idols come from the workshops of Pen near Mumbai. Pen is famous for its graceful idols with sober colours.

Creative tribute by Rajastani sculptors

This year large-scale migrations of Rajastani artists for the festival have made the selection of idols much more interesting. They have put up tents around Sarasbaug, Paudroad, Hadapsar and Nagar Road. Their idols are painted in bright colours and unusual contrasts. Idols of all sizes are available, the prices starting from Rs.150 onwards.


As Ganesh Chaturthi approaches their is a rush to select and book an idol for the family. The youngsters get buzy erecting Pendals and decorating it according to the theme decided earlier. Women are especially buzy due to the Hartalika Vrata one day earlier to the festival day and the arrival of Gauri during the festival. The shopping for the decoration of Ganesh shrine and for the ornaments and clothes of Gauri is done with much enthusiasm.

At this moment the Ganesh Mandals are working day and night to complete the work before deadline. We will be updating this article everyday to give you the latest details of the happenings in Pune.

Text: Devayani Tirthali
Picture Credit: Milind Thaware, Devayani Tirthali

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