A remedy for match fixing

Now our cricket team is in Pune preparing for the Asia cup. Almost all top playing cricketers and administrators of cricket are right now in Pune. It is a great time also for the introspection of the game in the light of present accusations of match fixing and related scandals.

Cricket is a gentleman's game; a King's game --but what is happening? Ye kya ho raha hai? I always feel fever is not the disease but it is the symptom of something wrong in the body . Similarly match fixing is like fever --it is not a disease by itself. There is certainly something wrong in the system of organisation of the game. I try to diagnose it as a lover of cricket as follows:

One day cricket was imposed on the public under the plea that people don't like test cricket because it is boring, long drawn out and most of the times without results too. People all over the world where cricket is played don't like test cricket hence limited overs instant cricket formula was introduced. Initially with excitement public accepted the formula of one day-one innings-limited overs . Here the traditional game was broken in pieces and the roots of gambling started growing fast beyond the imagination of the Cricket administration/ Government to destroy the great game of cricket, which every one of us love. The basic fault here is the cricket match of two innings was reduced from two innings to one innings. Cricket match means and includes the meaning that two innings are played between two teams and a result is drawn. On the same principle, one day or limited match can be reduced in number of overs but there must be two innings compulsorily played on the formula of test cricket. Since at present in limited overs the limited over match is reduced to one innings, the match is not played in full as per the above definition and it has given tremendous rise to gambling element. Two innings give full scope to each player to show his skill in departments. concerned, he performs

well without stress due to two innings formula, pitch / climatic conditions are shared and the match is balanced while the excitement remains with paying cricket lovers till last.

In short , in India, limited over cricket should be legally allowed, which will be played over two innings in one day. To be precise, 50 overs two innings match be played over two days instead of present formula of 50 overs one day match to eliminate the present "Bhoot" of match fixing once for all. One day limited over match of one innings should be banned legally in India and the above two innings formula should be accepted by the cricketing authority. And if necessary, the Government may hold negotiations and intervene, for the benefit of the nation and its cricket-loving public. Thus the fever can go from the game of cricket and the general public can enjoy healthy cricket again. Even the players can enjoy playing their cricket matches of two innings without unwanted stress.

Rummy is said to be legal but Flash is not a legal card game. On the same lines one day one innings cricket should be illegal but one/two days two innings cricket match may be legally allowed like the game of cards in general interest of public. Why deliberations should start on above point by public, in case cricket administrators/government is not initiating any action in the matter?

By Ramesh Mujumdar

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