Pune Fast Facts

    Geographical data
    • Coordinates
      18 degrees 32 minutes North; 73 degrees 51 minutes East
    • Altitude
      559 metres above mean sea level
    • Local time
      GMT plus five-and-half hours
    • Climate
      Temperatures range from 15 degrees C to 35 degrees C. The best time to visit is October-March.

    Weather Trends
    • Winter:
      Mid Nov - mid Feb. Dry, cold nights, pleasantly warm days.
    • Spring:
      Mid-Feb to end-March. Warm days and pleasant nights
    • Summer:
      Early-April to late-May. Hot days and warm nights
    • Monsoon:
      Early June - early October. Rains. Warm and humid. Rain coat, plastic shoes or small boots advisable.
    • Post-Monsoon:
      Early Oct - early Nov. A little rain, but still warm.
    • Rainfall
      68 cm (annual average)
    • Clothing
      Light cottons in summer (March to October), Lightweight jacket or pullovers in winter

    • International dialing code
    • Local area code for Pune
    • Communications
      International direct dialing is available to most countries in the world. Fax, telex and Internet services are excellent.

    For foreigners visiting India
    • Visa
      The Foreigners' Registration Office on Dr Dadabhoy Naoroji Road,
      Mumbai 400001,
      handles visa extensions (up to the maximum stay of six months).
      Phone +91-22-2620446
      Customs (India)
    • Visitors may bring in the following free of duty:
      2000 cigarettes; 400 cigars; 2kg tobacco; a reasonable quantity of perfume, up to a maximum of 2 liters of spirits and 2 liters of wine.
    • Currency
      The Indian Rupee is the local currency. 1 USD = 46.6 Rupees (approximately) in November 2000.
    • Money exchange
      Money can be exchanged at banks and most hotels. There are a number of money exchange centres offering competitive rates.
    • Credit cards
      American Express, Diners, Visa, Access, Mastercard and other major cards are accepted at leading establishments

    City Facts & Figures
    • Area
      138 square kilometres
    • Green Cover
      40 per cent of area (more than any other Indian urban area)
    • Population
      4 million
    • Language
      Marathi is the official language of the state of Maharashtra of which Pune is a major city. Marathi and Hindi are the two main languages spoken. English is widely spoken and understood. Gujarati, and other Indian languages are also used by the largely cosmopolitan population.
    • Local Transport
      Pune has a very good transport system. There are trains, yellow-and-black auto-rickshaws, buses and also private taxis for sightseeing.
    • Where to stay
      Pune has several hotels of different price range from 5-star deluxe to moderate motels.
    • Information/Tourist offices
      The MTDC tourist office is in the government offices known as Central Buildings. (+91-20-628169)

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